Deep Sea Fishing Vacation – Alaska Or Caribbean?

In your dreams do you see open waters filled with fish? And in these dreams are you on a boat with a sturdy fishing rod in your hands? Sounds like you need a deep sea fishing vacation. A fishing vacation in Alaska, Bermuda, Bahamas, or the Caribbean will be a dream come true if you are the avid fisherman. The most important step in planning your vacation is to know what species of fish you are hoping to catch. Different destinations have different species of fish. Along with the different species are different climates. If you are lucky, you can find a vacation package that includes multiple destinations such as Hawaii then to Alaska. What a difference that would be!

Now, deep sea fishing is not just where you take your canoe or kayak out into the open sea and cast out for a few tropical fish. Deep-sea fishing is often referred to as big-game fishing or even blue-water fishing. Have you ever heard of big-game hunting? That is where people go out to hunt animals that are massive. Well, much is the same for deep sea fishing. Fishermen, this includes women, go out in a large boat with monstrous fishing rods and cast out for fish and even sharks. Since you need a boat to get this sport rolling, it wasn’t actually a sport until the boat was invented. Some of the most popular species of fish that are being targeted today are large tuna, billfish, and as mentioned previously sharks. What type of bait do these fishermen use? Smaller fish are used as bait. The smaller fish include small tuna, dolphinfish, barracuda, and Wahoo.

How can you go deep sea fishing without your own yacht or boat? The answer is simple: rent a boat of go on deep sea fishing charters. Renting a boat can be fun, feeling the power of being in charge, but you wouldn’t want to do that on your own. That is why when you rent a boat they come equipped with a crew that has many years of experience. On these charters you will find record breaking sized fish.

Have you decided on the destination? You need to have proper clothing and equipment along with you in order for you trip to be successful. Is your destination Alaska? Planning a deep sea fishing vacation to Alaska is very tricky. Bringing the right clothing can be complicated. The weather out on the open sea can change in an instant so that is why you need to bring layers upon layers of extra clothing along. Not only do you want layers of warm winter clothing, but you must also have rain gear. Your clothing wouldn’t do you any good if they were completely soaked from the rain. Knowing what to bring on your Caribbean vacation should seem simple, but there are a couple things that you must remember to bring. First of all, sunscreen is a must! The water will reflect the sun and you will be very susceptible to sun burn. Wear a hat and sunglasses as well. Bring clothing that is light, but not loose enough to get caught in the fishing equipment.

No matter where you take your deep sea fishing vacation you must remember one thing. That one thing you must take with you is a camera. Have proof of your fish stories to make sure they are more than just that.

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