Private Boat Charter Cruises in St Lucia

Try our relaxing custom made cruises. Take a day out for yourself , maybe with friends and family. No hassling schedule to keep to, the day is yours. St.Lucia has a beautiful coast line, follow on the 14mile cruise to Soufriere, passing quaint fishing villages, Anse la Raye, where colourful fishing boats are made out of the gomier tree and Canaries which was once the home of the Carib Indians. They were renowned for their clay pots which were called “Canaries”, hence the name of the village. Cameras are a must for the first glimpses of the majestic Pitons, twin volcanic peaks which rise up like mystic pinnacles into the sky.

The sea here is deep crystal blue and is often the playground of cavorting dolphins, always ready for a game of “bow-riding” and leaping and bounding in the wake of the boat. If you wish you can go ashore in the town of Soufriere, and check out the pretty little square, the botanical gardens and sulphur baths, which were built for the soldiers of King Louis XVI during the wars that took place between the English and the French for the bounty of St.Lucia, England finally being triumphant. For those who wish to take the sulphuric odours of the active walk-in volcano, this is the place to do it, maybe you should take a clothes peg though, although many people believe the smell is actually good for the constitution! There are quite a few restaurants in Soufriere if you wish to sate your appetite with many of the deliciously prepared local dishes on offer. Tell us what you like and we will advise the venue, or you may just like a simple picnic lunch prepared by CAPTAIN MIKE’S.

Swimming and snorkelling will revive you for the return voyage, having a grand finale cruise around magnificent Marigot Bay, where several movies had been shot, where the British fleet hid from the French in the mangrove, and where the Germans took their submarines during World War 2. This bay is a natural safe harbour and many yachts take refuge here during the hurricane season. Maybe you could stop here for an exotic cocktail prepared by one of the Bay side restaurants before returning to port, having had one of the most exhilarating days of your life. The latter is just a sample cruise that you can take, although one that is truly value for money! There are many types of trip you can do, some longer, some shorter. We can also do off Island trips for the day such as Martinique, to sample the French cuisine. You might just want to go as far as Marigot Bay or Pigeon Island where you can swim, sunbathe and check out the museum which displays the history of St.Lucia from the time of the Arawak Indians, very interesting data here,… ..There is also a fort you can walk up to, complete with cannons. ———So, please give us a call and let us arrange your “LIFE ON THE OCEAN WAVES HOLIDAY”

Contact us for a quote on a your perfect private charter in St Lucia – we can organize it to cater to your individually needs.