Whale/Dolphin Watching in the Caribbean

Whale and Dolphin Watching in St Lucia and the Caribbean is one of the most emotional and exciting expeditions you can experience.

This should be a must on everyone’s adventure plan and what better place than the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Here there are many resident pods as well as migratory ones, so you stand a pretty good chance of a sighting on nearly every trip. There are 33 species of whales and dolphins and over 20 live in and visit our waters. The species that are most commonly sighted are pilot whales, sperm whales, humpbacks and false Orcas. The orca,  or killer whales as they are more commonly called are also seen here from time to time, the last encounter being September 2012, we presumed they were on their way south for the winter months. The humpbacks and sperm whales are often spotted with calves, who spend their time playing and frolicking in our coastal waters. The adults love the warm sunny seas and they just relax, swim, play, court and mate, like any regular tourist!

Often we see pods of dolphins swimming with the whales in complete harmony. There are spinners, spotted, bottlenose and Fraser dolphins seen here. They are the oceans performers, leaping as high as 12ft into the air and spinning their their way down into the depths of the ocean, only to surface again, playing in the wake of the boat and bow riding (see photo above). The usual size of a dolphin pod is between 30 – 60 , but recently we have often spotted them in their hundreds.

Another resident of our tropical waters that you might spot is the turtle, as he rises to the surface for air and a general look around. The regulars around here are hawksbill and greenback. CAPTAIN MIKE’S practices safe whale watching by following all the rules and regulations to ensure the absolute safety of the animals. We must also remember that these are wild animals and we are the guests in their territory.

Private charters for whale and dolphin watching can be arranged through our office. You can then go for as long as you like and maybe mix it in with a beach picnic or other activity. Whale watching is a year-round activity in St Lucia.