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Today’s Update

Guest holding large dorado.

Today on our Deep Sea Fishing trip we caught and released a  nice Bill Fish. Our 31ft boat “Bumpers” released a Sailfish, following the “catch and release” rule that we practice with all Bill Fish. (more…)

Wednesday’s Catch

Today was a good Sport Fishing day. We had some young girls and guys with us today!  They did a great job!

The sea was calm and whilst out fishing we saw a couple Pilot Whales and a pod of Dolphins jumping and having fun in our warm Caribbean sea.

Our 31ft boat “Bumpers” brought in two Bonito Tunas, our other 31ft boat “Sa Sa Ye” caught a Barracuda, the 37ft boat “Bounter Hunter” brought in a 35lb Kingfish and the 38ft Boat “Hack Attack” lost a blue marlin.  All in all not a bad day’s Deep Sea fishing!

Young girls with tuna and barracuda in hand Yound man with Bonito Tuna and Barracuda in hand

Blue Marlin and Wahoo – St Lucia waters!

We have had some good catches over the last couple weeks . Fishing has been really popular and we have been out a lot. The most recent hook-ups on 14 and 15 April are:

1 beautiful blue marlin which was released, weighed about 150lbs.About an hour after this 2 wahoo of 15 and 21lbs were landed, the anglers were thrilled.
There were 7 barracudas brought in at 8 – 25lbs. and 2 more wahoos which weighed 10 and 16lbs.
Bookings look good for next week so most boats will be out with excited expectant anglers.

Remember, if you come down and book a full day you can order a packed lunch when you book for only US$10.00

Preparing for Your Caribbean Fishing Trip

Here is a Caribbean fishing report to help you to find the best places to go fishing on your next Caribbean vacation. Very simply, they Caribbean is one of the most popular places to go fishing in the world. It offers some of the most incredible deep sea fishing experiences you can ever imagine.

Obviously, the reason for this is that the Caribbean is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and therefore there has many fish available. Since it offers year-round great weather and many great vacation spots, Caribbean fishing has really caught on around the world. This Caribbean fishing report will give you some great places to help you find the best locations to go fishing. (more…)

Deep Sea Fishing Vacation – Alaska Or Caribbean?

In your dreams do you see open waters filled with fish? And in these dreams are you on a boat with a sturdy fishing rod in your hands? Sounds like you need a deep sea fishing vacation. A fishing vacation in Alaska, Bermuda, Bahamas, or the Caribbean will be a dream come true if you are the avid fisherman. The most important step in planning your vacation is to know what species of fish you are hoping to catch. Different destinations have different species of fish. Along with the different species are different climates. If you are lucky, you can find a vacation package that includes multiple destinations such as Hawaii then to Alaska. What a difference that would be! (more…)